Welcome to Huckleberry’s Candies!

We’re happy that you’re here and are very excited to show all that Huckleberry’s Candies has to offer.

The Coopers owned and ran Sanborn’s Fine Candies in Hampton, NH since 1983 and have made the decision to retire.

Having worked for the Coopers since 1997, it is exciting to receive the keys to the candy kingdom after 21 great years.

We want to assure you that although we have changed our name, we still have all your favorites and have added some new treats into the mix.

We are now Huckleberry’s Candies, but we are still a proud distributor of Sanborn’s Candies.

Don’t worry that your favorite candy won’t be available or be concerned that your family traditions won’t continue. They will, just under a different name.

The owner of Huckleberry’s Candies grew up in Hampton on Huckleberry Lane; hence the name!

We know there are expectations linked to the Sanborn’s name. Our goal at Huckleberry’s Candies is to build upon the foundation that was started by the Sanborn’s Family in 1957. We will continue to maintain the high quality of chocolates and other assorted sweets that have always been associated with the Sanborn’s name.

We’re excited about this new undertaking and hope that you will give Huckleberry’s Candies a chance to remain your favorite candy store on the New Hampshire Seacoast.